Esta sección esta dedicada a mi país. Es aqui donde aprendí a pintar, las flores, pájaros y paisajes, este país de la "Eterna Primavera" ha sido mi inspiración para la mayoría de mi trabajo.

Guatemala Travel

Razones para visitar Guatemala


This section is dedicated to my country. It is here were I learned to paint, the flowers, birds, and views of this "eternal spring" country have been my inspiration for most of my work.

Guatemala Travel

Reasons to visit Guatemala

View of the City of Guatemala Guatemala City

Lake Atitlán


Lake Atitlán, overwhelming views on a lake in danger, many organizations are working to clean the lake, still no effort is enough until the government gets seriously involved.

Amigos de Atitlán
Amigos del Lago de Atitlán

This organization has been working for 20 years, if you want to help please contact them at the above link.


Guatemala is the first country of Central America, its multicultural society and mayan heritage makes it unique.


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